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Gay Rio de Janeiro is a Favorite

Is it the sunny weather, the gorgeous people, the laid-back beach lifestyle, the rich culture, the fantastic scenery, legendary parties, Carnaval

We guess it’s a combination of all factors. Rio is one of the most popular gay travel destinations in the world. It is estimated that one out of every five visitors coming to Rio are gay or lesbian*.

As Carioca courtesy demands, enjoy a cup of Brazilian coffee before we begin our journey into Gay Rio de Janeiro. Or an ice-cold açai berry smoothie sprinkled with freshly ground guaraná. We hope you enjoy the ride!

Of course! Rio is a city that caters to all tastes.

The short answer is yes. We are happy to elaborate.

Summer, from December to March, is High Season. Carnaval is the main event.

Essential Travel Information about Rio de Janeiro

Travel Essentials

Everything to make your travel planning easier: visas, weather, language, money matters, getting around, phone, and Wi-Fi.

Botafogo Bay with the Sugarloaf

Main Attractions

Rio's most famous attractions come with a view. Enjoy the Corcovado and the Sugarloaf, parks, beaches, and lovely neighborhoods.

Hotel Santa Teresa - luxury accommodations in Rio de Janeiro

Where to Stay

We help you find your way around, explaining in detail the best areas to choose in Rio. The city offers accommodation in all price ranges.

Trans-inclusive Rio de Janeiro - all visitors are welcome

Is Rio for Me?

Of course, it is! Rio offers a unique combination of lovely people, history, culture, nature, parties, and a sizable gay scene.

Gay-friendly Rio de Janeiro

LGBTQ+ Rights

Brazil is among the countries with the highest social acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community, and the law is on your side. Know your rights.

Rio de Janeiro Gay Beach in Ipanema

The Gay Beach

Since the 1980s, the gay beach spot in Ipanema has been a Gay Rio de Janeiro reference. This is where all tribes get together, relax, and make friends.

Gay Dance Club in Rio de Janeiro

Clubs & Parties

Gay Rio de Janeiro's nightlife is a big attraction. In addition to the clubs and local parties, the best circuit parties land in town during high season.

Street Carnaval in Ipanema

Carnaval in Rio

A celebration that lasts a whole month and peaks on Mardi Gras weekend. Parades, street blocos, and balls. If you want to party non-stop, this is it.

New Years Eve in Rio de Janeiro Fireworks Festival

New Year's Eve

Over two million people attend New Year's Eve festivities at Copacabana Beach. Be there. Enjoy gay warm-up and recovery parties.

Pride Parade Rio de Janeiro at Copacabana Beach

Pride Parade

Rio de Janeiro Pride Parade happens at Copacabana Beach, the 'Princess of the Sea.' The whole LGBTQ+ alphabet is well represented.

Cops in Big Hats at Banda de Ipanema - Carnaval in Rio

Safety Tips

Rio is a city of social contrasts and your behavior matters. Be streetwise and take precautions, such as ensuring your smartphone makes sense.

Sailing in Paraty - Ilha Grande

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