Gay Beach Rio de Janeiro

One of the main ingredients in the Carioca lifestyle is the beach. Queen Carlota Joaquina was among the first enthusiasts with her ‘therapeutic’ sea baths at the Bay of Botafogo. The association with glamour may have started with classics such as ‘Flying Down To Rio’ and ‘Now, Voyager.’ The Girl from Ipanema, one of the most popular songs ever, solidified the myth that locals are gorgeous. Fact or fiction?

Carioca Beach Culture

The coast of Rio is a feast for the eyes. The historical part of the city in Centro is around Guanabara Bay. It extends along Parque do Flamengo towards Botafogo Bay and Sugarloaf. Once you cross the tunnel, you reach the ocean beaches.

Beaches are public parks with free access, and everyone is welcome. They do not have ‘opening hours’. Raising a finger will get you anything from a beach umbrella to a caipirinha.

Residents share their favorite spots with visitors and neighbors. Beachgoers of all age groups come from diverse backgrounds. Some practice sports, while others sunbathe, swim, drink, take selfies, or enjoy the moment.

On off-season weekdays, even famous beaches such as Ipanema are not crowded. Dogs are allowed. Daily maintenance after sunset may include filtering the sand, collecting garbage, and washing or sweeping the sidewalks and bicycle lanes.

Rio de Janeiro Gay Beach

Birds of a feather flock together at the world-famous gay beach in Ipanema. It is located between Rua Farme de Amoedo and Rua Teixeira de Melo. ‘Farme Gay’ is easy to spot, as beach vendors often sport the rainbow flag.

This area has been a reference since the 1980s, and residents consider it part of the scene. In the summer, it is exceptionally crowded with people from all over the world. You will receive flyers for parties, learn about the latest events and gossip, and hopefully make friends.

This is a spot where you can relax and even be more campy if you feel like it. Wear sunglasses to enjoy the eye candy. Some people don’t mind if you take photographs, while others do. Ask first.

Rio de Janeiro Gay Beach is easy to reach. The subway station at Praça General Osório is only two blocks away. If you’re not staying in Ipanema, visit the neighborhood before returning.

Bolsa is a beach spot in Copacabana at Posto 3, across from Hotel Copacabana Palace. It is popular with the T community. Abricó, the naturist beach at Grumari, is the only one where you can go skinny-dipping. This is not a gay beach. Please be respectful.

The Perfect Beach Body

Let’s debunk the beach body myth. Cariocas come in a host of shapes, colors, and ethnicities. The perfect body is the one you have. Being self-aware is fine, but being self-conscious is uncalled for. Nobody is there to judge you.

Wear the beachwear that makes you feel confident. Enjoy the atmosphere. Both men and women mind their tan lines. The trick is to have more than one beachwear set with the same design in different colors or prints. This applies to one-pieces and bikinis.

Do not be surprised to learn that guys wear Speedos regardless of age or orientation. Join them if you want to. Rio exports beach fashion worldwide. The quality and cut are impeccable. Go shopping around later if you see anything you like.

Of course, you will protect your skin with products recommended by your dermatologist. If you’re sensitive to the sun, invest in clothing with a high SPF. Go to the beach earlier in the morning, and don’t doze off. Later in the afternoon, it’s usually hotter, yet great for fantastic sunsets.

Behaviour & Etiquette

Generally, beachgoers wear shorts and a T-shirt on their way to and back from the beach. They may be required if you are taking public transportation. Colorful beach wraps are a favorite accessory. They also cover the sand or your beach chair.

Beach Vendor - corn on the cob

When you arrive at the beach, a vendor will likely greet you. They have stands with coolers and even showers. Residents will go to the same beach spot forever and befriend these hard-working entrepreneurs. You may rent beach umbrellas and chairs.

Bring a small plastic bucket to cool off if you’re uncomfortable in the sea. Order everything from fresh coconut water to alcoholic drinks. Vendors walk with coolers, offering popsicles and favorite treats like lemonade, iced tea, and Biscoitos Globo.

Do not scatter your belongings around you on the sand. The shorts or trunks you wore to the beach help keep your cards and keys together. Your smartphone may deserve a waterproof pouch.

A beach bag is a valuable accessory. If you want to be extra cautious, you can insert the straps around the pole of your beach umbrella. This also works for flip-flops. Things get buried in the sand if you’re not somewhat organized.

Cariocas always ask someone sitting next to them to watch their valuables when they go for a dip. Proceed likewise. Read more about safety issues.

People sunbathing at Ipanema Beach